DIMM: Chili Klaus Chili Gjafaaskja · The Mild One
Chili Klaus

Chili Klaus Chili Gjafaaskja · The Mild One

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n this box, you get three jars of chili – one with powder, one with crushed/flakes of chili and one with whole pods.

Scotch Bonnet, wind force 7. Fantastic flavour,
sweet and strong at the same time and therefore perfect for all kinds of food.

Smoked Ghost Chili, wind force 10. Awarded as the world's hottest chili in 2006. It is also called Bhut Jolokia. It has earned the name Ghost Chili because your soul supposedly leaves your body for a brief moment when you eat it.

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T. pods, wind force 12. Nothing less than a scorpion sting – here you get pods to crush yourself.

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