DIMM: Chili Klaus Chili Tómatsósa · Chipotle Morita
Chili Klaus

Chili Klaus Chili Tómatsósa · Chipotle Morita

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Ketchup Chipotle Morita is the mildest variant of Chili Klaus ketchups.

Chipotle Morita, which is smoked, red jalapeño chili, has been added to this nice and sweet ketchup. Chipotle (pronounced chi-poht-lay) originally comes from the Mexican cuisine. Througout the years the distinctive and popular smoked flavor has become insanely popular in the Western world and is used in all different kinds of dishes.

The same goes for this ketchup. With a low wind force level of 3 it can be enjoyed by everyone!

Net weight: 250 ml.

Wind force 3/15

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