DIMM: Louise Smærup kertastjaki · 1 kerti
Louise Smærup

Louise Smærup kertastjaki · 1 kerti

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Lítill svartur kertastjaki frá Louise Smærup úr svörtu möttu máluðu járni.

Stærð: 27 cm x 8,5 cm x 5 cm.

Handmade, black candlestick for one ordinary candle.

Produced in iron, which is later powder coated in a nice food-black color. Candlestick with a rustic, simple and elegant expression that characterizes Louise Smærup's various designs.

A look that fits perfectly into a modern interior style focusing on clean lines, dimmed colors and a penchant for the rustic and raw nature.

Use a black or white light and create a simple and stylish expression or speed up the styling and use light in different beautiful colors.

Create a superficial and coherent expression by mixing it with other candlesticks from the same series of Louise Smærup.

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