DIMM: Simple Goods Fatasprey · Lavender, Patchouli · 150 ml
Simple Goods

Simple Goods Fatasprey · Lavender, Patchouli · 150 ml

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Simple Goods Clothing Mist freshens up your garments and extends the time between washing. The unique formula of this gentle and PH neutral Clothing Mist is powered with natures good bacteria – Probiotics, that immediately and effectively prevents and breaks down the root cause of bad odor.

This product is made from natural ingredients and is 100 % biodegradable.

Direction of use:
1. Spray directly on the garment and/or on the source of the unwanted odor.
2. Let it dry and repeat treatment if necessary.
3.Let dry and put garment in place.

Suitable for all textiles. Delicate fabric or moisture sensitive materials such as silk and leather can stain from liquids. We recommend that you test on an inconspicuous area before use.


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