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Simple Goods

Simple Goods Skjáhreinsir · Lavender, Patchouli · 150 ml

Simple Goods Skjáhreinsir · Lavender, Patchouli · 150 ml

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Simple Goods Screen Cleaner is made from natural ingredients and powered with nature’s good bacteria – Probiotic. This gentle and PH neutral Screen Cleaner effectively dissolves and removes dirt, grease and odor without any use of harmful chemicals. The Screen Cleaner has antistatic qualities and will leave no stains or residue.

This product is made from natural ingredients and is 100 % biodegradable.
Direction of use:
1. Shake the bottle.
2. Spray a small amount directly on the screen or on a soft, non-scratchy cloth – do NOT soak.
3. Use a soft cloth and wipe in circular motions until dry.
4. Repeat if necessary.
Suitable for all types of screens – computers, laptops, plasmas, phones, touch screens, tablets. Can also be used as window and mirror cleaner.
Before cleaning electronic devices turn them off.



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