DIMM: Tica skóbakki · lines
  • DIMM: Tica skóbakki · lines
  • DIMM: Tica skóbakki · lines
Tica Copenhagen

Tica skóbakki · lines

Almennt verð 6.990 kr.
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Lítill: 28x38 cm.

Miðstærð: 38x48 cm.

Stór: 38x88 cm.

Shoe trays keep an entire family’s footwear neat and tidy, whilst protecting from water stains, dirt and salt, keeping your floor clean and tidy.Shoe trays encourage us to put our shoes in place, keeping the hall, porch or entrance tidy. The shoe trays are brilliant for apartments, houses and holiday homes. They are also suitable for the terrace, for holding dirty sports shoes in the trunk, the dogs bawl - the possibilities are endless!

What’s unique about tica shoe trays is that they are moulded 60% recycled rubber, giving them weight and stability on any floor surface.  They do not slide around like plastic shoe trays - the large model weighs 3 kilos. As rubber is such a robust, quality material, our trays are extremely solid and long-lasting. Also the raised edges can tolerate being trodden on without cracking or breaking like regular plastic trays do.

  • Cleaning: Can be rinsed with water and vacuumed.
  • This small size is suitable for one pair of shoes up to size 46 or two pairs of children's shoes.  

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