DIMM: L:a Bruket Ilmkerti áfylling · Coriander
L:a Bruket

L:a Bruket Ilmkerti áfylling · Coriander

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The therapeutic properties of Aetheroleum coriandri is traditionally known to give emotional relief, strengthen the thought process and chase away anxiety. The scent of coriander and mint leaves has a mind warming effect that will entice spiritual and emotional inspiration to linger for long. Burns +14 hours. Our refills for the scented candles are available in all scents and designed to be gently melted in a microwave oven or water bath and poured into their containers by hand. The refill contains our high quality scented soy wax, cotton wick, wick anchor and a wooden wick holder.


Made of wax from organic soy, hand poured into mouth blown glasses by skilled craftsmen. The rich scent and glass design brings a wonderful ambience to any room.

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