DIMM: Aya&Ida CUP2GO · Soft rose

Aya&Ida CUP2GO · Soft rose

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It is easier now than it ever has been, to be on the go with consideration for the environment. Our CUP2GO is functional, beautiful, and also a sustainable alternative to single-use cups with plastic lids. With the CUP2GO, our mission is to inspire our customers to make earth friendly decisions in their everyday lives. Because at AYA&IDA we believe that "little by little, a little becomes a lot."

The CUP2GO has many functionalities and with its practical lid, which easily opens and closes with one hand, it can be used for anything - bringing coffee with you from home, or from your local coffee shop, to school or work, the options are endless! The cup holds 100% tight, so you can safely store it in your bag without it spilling.  
380 ml. 

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