DIMM: Made by mama leðursvunta · brún
Made by mama

Made by mama leðursvunta · brún

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We met Giancarlo several years ago and have since pressed our noses flat against the window of his small shop. That man just knows something. However, it was only when the idea of the leather apron arose that we began a creative collaboration. This delicious leather apron is in 100% natural core leather. It has both weight and finish in the workmanship and there is no doubt about the quality. In the strap in the middle of the apron you can hang a tea towel for your hands. The apron gets nicer with time when it gets patina. The apron is 79.5 cm wide, 64.5 cm long and the strap around the waist is approx. 65-70 cm. Maximum waist is approx. 125-135 cm.

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