DIMM: Made by mama lífræn risotto grjón · 500 gr
Made by mama

Made by mama lífræn risotto grjón · 500 gr

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Italian fast food at its best! Made by Mama's Organic Carnaroli risotto rice is the perfect main ingredient in the Italian classic risotto. Risotto has a reputation for being cumbersome and time consuming, but is in fact a dish that can be stirred together in less than 30 minutes. and which can both be enjoyed in the sofa corner and served to your guests. We have chosen the best risotto rice, namely organic Carnaroli rice. With them you can make the perfectly creamy but still al dente risotto. The solid and slim risotto grain's balance between a high level of starch and a good absorbency, gives a creamy risotto without the rice being overcooked.

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