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Paia Copenhagen

Paia Copenhagen ilmkerti · Sea salt & Sage

Paia Copenhagen ilmkerti · Sea salt & Sage

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Fallegt ilmkerti frá Paia Copenhagen úr munnblásnu gleri í djúpum bláum lit.
Kertin koma í fallegum umbúðum og eru frábær tækifærisgjöf.

Innihald: 100% lífrænt soja vax úr soja baunum frá bændum í Norður Ameriku. Þráðurinn er úr lífrænni bómull.​

Sea Salt & Sage will treat you with a fresh marine scent with notes of Orange, Melon, Sea salt, White Flowers, Musk and Sage.

Paia Copenhagen is a new Danish design brand founded in 2017. We believe in possibilities and the better alternative for your home. We are inspired by interior trends from all over the world and adding a Nordic bliss.  

Our first collection is a series of scented candles based on organic soy beans grown by North American farmers – a biodegradable and renewable resource. We have added organic cotton lead-free wicks and poured them into high quality, mouth blown glasses in elegant colors. 
Soy candles are a natural resource and burn cleaner than regular candles. There we urge you to treat yourself or a friend to a delightful and mild scent combination containing pure essential oils. Our soy candles are designed to look perfect in your home, whether it is styled minimalistic or bohemian chic, while still taking care of the environment. 


A candle is not just a candle. Please let us guide you to ensure that you will get the outmost fragrance throw of our delightful scented candles. First time you light the candle, please brun the candle until the candle has a complete melt pool, from edge to edge, before extinguishing. A complete melt pool will keep your candle from tunneling and release the best fragrance throw every time you light your Paia Copenhagen candle.

We recommend that you trim the wick to 0,5 centimeters before each time the candle is lit. By keeping your wick trimmed, you will prolong the candle life and minimize soot. Our soy candle are almost 100% neutral soot free when burning correctly. 


 Do not burn a candle for more than four hours at a time.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.  

  • Always keep burning candles out of reach for children and animals.​

  • Never place a burning candle near anything flammable e.g. curtains, books  and plants 

  • Place candles on a stable surface that is resistant to heat.​

  • Keep candle out of drafts from doors, windows of fans. 

  • Burning candles must be at least 10 centimeters apart.



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