DIMM: Paia Copenhagen snúin kerti · 4 stk · Chalk
Paia Copenhagen

Paia Copenhagen snúin kerti · 4 stk · Chalk

Almennt verð 2.990 kr.
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Falleg snúin kerti frá Paia Copenhagen

7 klst brennitími.

Hæð 30 cm breidd 2,2 cm.
100% fully-refined paraffin (Paraffin is up-cycling of otherwise unusable waste from oil production. The raw paraffin is cleaned of oil residue by a further refinement).
Þráðurinn er úr OEKO-TEX vottaðri lífrænni bómull.

Our promise to you
We care about the environment and this is our promise: 

  • Raw ingredients of extreme purity with documented quality data
  • Lead-free wicks made from 100% oeko-tex cotton (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®)
  • Minimal sooting – far below EU requirements
  • Laboratory tested for each production batch with extensive quality controls
  • A handcrafted product made in Europe


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